Expired Listings

Has your home Failed to Sell… You’re Not Alone!



Did you know that up to 22.3% of homes in Southern California don’t sell the 1st time on the market?  Yes...Even Great Homes Don’t Always Sell.

The Question Is…Do You Know Why Your Home Didn't Sell?

  • Common Reasons

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  • The Paul Vyhnalek Real Estate Experts Objective realizes this is All About You!

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      We specialize in various types of real estate. Unlike traditional agents I’m an investor as well. I keep a strong pulse on our current, local market. It is our non-traditional approach to marketing, trained sales professionals and our commitment to developing strategies and systems that gives us a competitive edge or advantage if you will. We’re not passive. We go out and get things done for our clients. You need buyers so we go out after them, not just plop a sign in the yard and wait for them to come to us. ACTION, STRATEGY, KNOWLEDGE and SUPERIOR SERVICE all set us apart from the traditional real estate agent and are strong reasons we feel you should consider us as your exclusive marketing and selling team.

We know today’s market has unique challenges. In fact, as I said approximately 1 out of 5 homes that come on the market in Southern California don’t sell the first time and end up as an Expired Listing, Canceled Listing or a Withdrawn Listing? Here at the (PVRE) Paul Vyhnalek Real Estate Experts team we say that is unacceptable.

Today’s market demands we hit consumers and agents by phone, internet, networking and even fax. Notice how our objectives are designed to serve your goals. We are here to guide you through the ever-changing real estate market and by your side every step of the process. Don’t take our word, but listen to reviews from past clients here or visit our Client Reviews page directly.

Your Questions:

Why Should I Choose You To Sell My Property?

The PVRE (Paul Vyhnalek Real Estate Experts) Objective

It’s ALL About You!

  • To attract as many qualified buyers as possible into your property until it is SOLD.
  • To effectively communicate the results of our activities to you.
  • To work with you in negotiating the highest dollar value (price) between you and the buyer (I’m one of less than 1% of Realtors who actively trained in negotiation skills and hold the designation of Certified Negotiation Expert or CNE) to better represent you and your needs.
  • To give you the most professional service and leave you with a positive experience.

Can you sell my house fast?

Our goal, as always, is to sell property within a reasonable time frame that procures the optimum price for your investment and our average days on market (the length of time from putting a home on the market to having it under contract with a qualified buyer) is less than half that of the average agent without sacrificing price. In fact our strategies foster an environment of excitement and enthusiasm over your home which drives more interest quicker and a higher than average selling price. It does not serve you to either have a property sit on the market and have potential buyers wondering what’s wrong with it or have it leave the market un-sold.

Pre-marketing activity and our Coming Soon campaign is an important aspect of our strategy and contributes directly to the speed we can generate showings which translates into potential buyers.

What will you do differently to sell my home?

Marketing Campaign


The PVRE Team has top internet exposure in our area. Your home will be listed on over 250 real estate search sites and of course it will be showcased on the most prominent such as: Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Redfin.com, The RealEstateBook.com etc.

Our company websites have had extensive search optimization and keyword profiling to the point that 80% of the time a person searching for property like yours in our area, they will hit one of our sites. Plus, we have affiliated business partnerships in financing and rental management as well as others that drive additional buyer traffic our way.

Every site captures information on users so we can actively prospect to them. We have systems in place to handle over 200 leads or inquires a day. We convert leads to appointments daily.

We create a single property website specifically to showcase your home through photos, virtual tour and promoting the features and the benefits of those features of the home, community and schools.

MLS Marketing

Here at the PVRE Team we know that 90% of the sales come from cooperating agents. One of the biggest mistakes traditional agents make is not leveraging this resource. We have learned not to assume that just because we listed our clients home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that other agents will see it, show it or promote it. We capitalize on this by pro-actively reaching out to the 3000 or so other real estate agents on our board and the 33,000 agents in the 5 counties here in Southern California who may be working with potential buyers.

  1. Email property flyer campaign to attract more broker participation.
  2. Prospect cooperating agents daily to promote your property and increase showings
  3. Monthly promotion through company newsletter.
  4. Call all top producing agents in our MLS who have sold similar homes in our area.
  5. Top of mind awareness! We take professional grade pictures to assure your property is represented properly
  6. Prospect by fax – Send a promotional piece to a minimum of 10 agents per day. This is done to raise awareness of our listings. In a 60 day period, we’ll have promoted your property to 600 local real estate agents.

Solicit Other Agents

  1. We call agents in neighboring territories to participate in our referral program by creating incentives to refer their buyers to the PVRE Team.
  2. We promote your property to the other agents in our office and give incentives to use with their potential buyers.
  3. We develop a list of features And Benefits of your home for the other agents and our team to use with their potential buyers.

Out of State Agent

As members of the largest Real Estate Franchise in America and as a member of The National Association of Realtors we have access to Top Producing agents throughout the U.S. Networking with these agents has produced great results.

A proven strategy is to contact agents by various mediums and inform them of new properties, incentives and sharing strong referral fees for leads that we convert to closed transactions. Since many of these offices have relocation departments we’re able to tap that segment as well.

Active Lead Generation

We accept the responsibility of creating a sense of demand for your property and actively implement systems and processes to do so.

  • Our team actively and aggressively prospect and follow up on all leads five days a week but not only do we not neglect those we receive over the week end but have systems in place to insure responsiveness 24/7.
  • List properties on Craigslist with a link to our Websites
  • Prospect to people who rent properties like yours looking for those ready to make a purchase.
  • We promote your property to other owners in your community or complex in hopes a friend or family member is looking to make a purchase in the same area.

Email Blasts

  • Weekly email blasts to top producing agents with a promotional piece
  • Blast the flyer to our database of over 5000 people who have shown an interest in real estate in our area.

Communication is Success

  • We conduct a needs analysis, discuss pricing, condition, staging and marketing prior to listing to make sure we create the best and most comprehensive sales strategy for you.
  • We are there every step of the way. No solo agent trying to juggle all the details of your property and that of others by themselves. We communicate a minimum of every week to give you updates and activity reports.
  • We update you every time your property is shown and share the feedback from the buyer and agents.
  • You will find out how prospective buyers feel about your home, it’s condition and the price.
  • We update you when other properties sell and discuss any necessary repositioning.
  • We are always available via email, text and phone to answer your questions. We’re quick to respond and almost always answer the phone.
  • We provide a 5 Point 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We provide our Easy Exit listing agreement to every seller client.

Results That Matter!

Fact is that we typically generate more leads from our marketing strategies than traditional agents can handle or produce in months.

A few systems we employ:
Internet leads

  • Google AdWords/PPC
  • Facebook Marketing and Promotion
  • SEO/Organic

Mojo Dialer system

  • Move up and Move down buyer lists
  • Investor lists
  • Renter lists

Buyer call-in leads

Mortgage Call-in leads

Local and out of area Realtor calls

You are in good hands with Keller Williams Realty and especially with the Paul Vyhnalek Real Estate Experts Team (PVRE). Keeping current with real estate market matters and we are always tracking what’s going on in both the local and national markets. We stay informed with financing and what trends are telling us to ensure proper positioning of your home. We take our fiduciary responsibility serious. We are committed to our client relationships and remain active throughout the entire process until your property is sold and closed.

We request the opportunity to discuss your real estate needs, marketing strategies and demonstrate how we can get your property sold as quickly as possible while netting you the most amount of money in your pocket!